Söderbärke kyrkby & hembygdsgård

The Söderbärke church village and homestead museum.


Opening times:
Museum and café, homebaked and crafts. Market in the village middle of July, ”Möljan”. For information please contact the Tourist office +46 (0)771-626262.
Info www.visitsodradalarna.se





Söderbärke is known from pre-Christian times with relics of settlements from the Stone Age. In the 14th century the building of the present parish church begun. Before then there was most likely a small wooden church.


The Söderbärke farm lies in a beautiful setting on the sound that separates the Barkensjö lakes. The main farmhouse is painted in the local Falu-red stain and the outbuildings are grouped around an open area that separates the farmhouse from the farmyard.


The farm comprises a large farmhouse from c.1800, together with a characteristic outhouse. Positioned at an angle to the main building is an 18th-century cottage, which has been used both as a brewery and a bakery.


None of the farmyard buildings remain, and the farm is much smaller than it once was. The farmhouse today comprises eight rooms and a kitchen. In two rooms on the first floor can be seen hand-painted wallpaper and friezes. The holiday cottage was unheated most of the time, but was used at Christmas, Easter and on special occasions.


Outside is an interesting collection of simple wood sculptures carved by a local artist, Paul Ericsson (1883–1939). A religious crisis in his life converted him into a strong believer, and towards the end of his life he worked on biblical motifs, which included several altarpieces.