Finngården Rikkenstorp

The Finnish farm Rikkenstorp


Opening times:
The farm is privately owned but accessible  for public. The Rikkenstorp day in the Dan Andersson week, Finn market, open house. For information please contact the owner Nils Homdahl, +46(0)70-553 59 48. More info at the tourist office +46 (0)771-626262.





The farm is an old Finnish settlement with its roots in the early 16th century. The place and the houses were in a very bad condition when the Holmdahl family moved here in the 1970s. A purposeful work started in order to restore the old Finn house and make it accessible to the public.


The houses have been restored and the fields tidied up. You are welcome to stroll along the paths around the farmyard. Tables and benches in front of the Finn cottage are always available to visitors. The small Finnmark museum in the barn as well as the Finn cottage will be open on request.


Down by the lake you can rent a small cottage together with a sauna if you wish to stay on a little longer. For information or booking a cottage contact the owner Nils Holmdahl.