ENJ & Järnvägen:
Kärrgruvan – Norberg – Ängelsberg

ENJ & the railway Kärrgruvan – Norberg-Ängelsberg


Opening times:
Tourist office at Brukshandeln, Ängelsberg. Phone +46 (0)223-444 64.
For information about the railway and the timetable please contact the tourist office in Norberg +46 (0)223 291 30.
Info: Norberg tourism.





This railway was the first in Sweden with engines to pull cargos. It was opened in 1853 with built with a three feet narrow-gauge track. After some time the track was made wider, the slopes less steep and the bends straightened. You can still in the landscape see how the old embankment runs.


“Förstlingen”, the first locomotive engine built in Sweden, was used as a working engine when building the railway and also pulled some ore wagons when the railway was tested.


For a long period of time trains with a full load of iron ore rolled out from the mines at Norberg to ironworks in Sweden and also into Europe.


The passenger traffic came to an end in 1962. In the 1970s molten raw iron was transported in gigantic “thermoses” from the blast-furnace at Spännarhyttan to the steelworks at Surahammar. That freight must not be left standing on the railway!!


Summertime the Engelsberg-Norberg Society of Railway History traffic the railway with a rail bus, but in the future the railway enthusiasts look forward to seeing steam engines operating the railway.