Cassel’s donation, famous concert hall donated by Sir Ernest Cassel. The architecture inspired by Bank of England.


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The man who created the modern mining community at Grängesberg was a British financier by the name of Sir Ernest Cassel (1852–1921), the son of a Jewish banker from Cologne. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Grängesberg company was the most profitable in the country. Thanks to Cassel’s venturesome investments, his cordial relations with the British Royal Family, and his network of contacts in the world of finance, he became one of the richest men in the world—earning the nickname of “The Prince of Finance”.


The Cassel’s-Donation building towers like a Greek temple over the mining and steelworks at Gränges. Cassel paid for the building as his “thank you and farewell” when he considered it time to wind down his involvement in the company. The front of the building derived inspiration from the Bank of England, and inside are to be found a large concert hall, a library and a conference room. Political and religious gatherings were not allowed at that time in Sweden, but 700 staff and workers were invited to attend the inauguration of the building, which took place in January 1900. Cassel’s donation also included a magnificent bath house, a park with sporting facilities, and a school kitchen for domestic science—all necessary to ensure that the workers had “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.


A fierce fire on Walpurgis Night in 1992 caused serious damage to the building. The roof collapsed, and large parts of the interior were destroyed. However, the building has since been restored, with careful attention to detail being paid to the paintings and ornaments. The concert hall is now one of the finest in the country and many top musicians and artistes have performed at Cassel’s.