Nya Lapphyttan & Karlbergs hembygdsgård

The new Lapphyttan and the homestead museum. Visitor centre. Medieval village. Homestead open-air museum.


Opening times:
Self-guided tour. Well signposted.
The Visitor Center open daily May to Sep. Guided tours and children activities. Playground for children.
+46 (0)223 283 30. More info at  www.nyalapphyttan.se
and www.jarnetpalapphyttan.se
Karlberg Homestead museum
and café, open during summer.
Myrbergs workshop Veteran cars.
For details and info please contact
the tourist office +46 (0)223 291 30.
Info: Norberg tourism





Excavations made at the site Lapphyttan outside Norberg, indicate that the blast furnace process had already been developed in Sweden by the end of the 12th century. Iron production had so far been based on primitive small, low furnaces which could not be operated continuously and were used to smelt bog ore, now a revolution was underway with the new technique. The much bigger blast furnace could be maintained in continuous operation and a much larger production was achieved. In the blast furnace the tich rock ore of the area could be used.


The reconstruction work at the site New Lapphyttan has been turned into a workshop. By seeking practical solutions to the problems, research into the medieval techniques achieves results in practice while bringing the whole setting to life at the same time. When the buildings were erected, old techniques of bricklaying and joinery were revived.


Reconstruction demonstrates a viable and unique way of recreating and bringing to life an archaic environment. By building up a medieval iron-producing village in a different but similar place, it was possible to leave the archaeological finds at Lapphyttan undisturbed.


Historical authenticity has been kept in mind but cannot be guaranteed. All that can be established with certainty after an excavation is what the ground level surface looked like. The walls and roof construction remains a question for qualified speculation.


Despite all uncertainty, natural scale reconstructions are however an important way for archaeologists to exhibit the findings. This also gives the visitor a real opportunity to experience the life and labour of olden times. In this way, New Lapphyttan will make a real contribution to our knowledge of the Middle Ages.


Summertime at the Visitors centre there is information, exhibitions and film showing. The Myrberg workshop is a meeting point for veteran car fans. Close by at the homestead museum, Karlberg, there is a café. You will also find a bakery cottage, a poor peoples´ cottage, a shop, a carriage shed and an iron makers house.