Bråfors bergsmansby

The Bråfors homestead village


Opening times:
For a guided tour around the Brate homestead, please contact the family Brate directly, +46 (0)223-570 27.
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Norberg tourist office
+46 (0)223 291 30.
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Since 2006 the Brate homestead at Bråfors is a cultural reserve. The homestead is privately owned an run by the same family, now in its sixth generation .


The homestead has a well preserved iron maker´s house and many old outhouses are still standing. Farm fields and not least the woods constitute an important part of the household The supply of timber and charcoal wood were essential in the production of iron and steel.


There are plenty remains of ancient iron making . Archaeological investigations prove that already in the 13th century iron was produced here The oldest documents related to the homestead are from 1354.


Bråfors, one of the few protected iron makers´ villages, demonstrates the
development of a village in Bergslagen from the 13th century until the beginning of the1900s. Most of the farmland cultivated in the 17th century is still in use.