Skinnskattebergs herrgårdsmiljö

The Skinnskatteberg Manor.


Opening times:
Self-guided tour, always accessible.
The manor is located close to the church. Workers dwellings on the other side of the rapid. For more information contact the tourism in Skinnskatteberg +46 (0)222-450 45 or information: Skinnskatteberg tourism.





The building of the manor house was begun in the 1770s by the iron master Wilhelm Hising. During the decades when the planning and building were in progress the outcome had been influenced by many stiles and movements in art and architecture.


Hising´s son was also christened Wilhelm but was raised to the nobility and given the name Hisinger. He finished, decorated and furnished the Manor House and had a landscape garden laid out. He was a distinguished geologist and a scientist and had a laboratory built for himself. Until the turn of the century in 1900 the iron making was the principal industry at Skinnskatteberg. The Manor then belonged to the ironworks.


The Industrial area with its forges and workers´ dwellings were located behind the manor house and its adjacent buildings. Here streamed the water from the lakes Övre and Nedre Vättern and furnished the ironworks with water power.


During the 20th century Skinnskatteberg turned into a centre for the forest industry and in 1944 the Forest Warden School was located at the manor.