Lokstallet & KURJ

The Engine Shed and the KURJ Railway.


Opening times:
The Café Lokstallet 1093 is open
from May 1- Aug 15 daily at 10am-5pm,  Sat to 4pm. Phone +46 (0)222-132 33. The exhibition follows the opening times.  For more information contact the tourist office in Skinnskatteberg +46 (0)222-450 45
or Skinnskatteberg tourism





A railway was required for the heavy transports from mines and iron works to the Köping harbour at lake Mälaren. The railway was ready in 1866 and a few years later extended to Riddarhyttan. The last passenger train was sent off in 1952 and the goods traffic stopped in 1968.


When the engines were ordered some mistakes were made measuring the track gauge and the delivered engines had a 1093 mm gauge (3.59 ft) instead of the intended 3.5 ft. To fit the engines tracks and the wagons had to be reconstructed to the 1093 mm. gauge.


This engine shed is the only one left along the railway. It was built in 1880, but the tower was added in1930. In front of the shed is the turntable, where the engines could be turned around. When the railway had been shut down the engine shed was used as a bus garage.


Right at the very top of the tower is an exhibition about the railway and the industry at Riddarhyttan.