Lekombergs gruva

The Lekomberg mines.


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Here on top of the hill Lekomberg is the most beautiful viewpoint in Ludvika municipality. On top of and around the hill were four iron ore mines. The mining began in 1630 and after the Second World War in 1945 the mining was essentially over.


Certain closing activities were going on into the beginning of the1950s. In 1910 the mine was sold to the German steel works the Hoesch AG in Dortmund. Later on it came to be part of the Lekomberg group of mines in the Ludvika area e.g. Iviken, Ickorrbotten and Håksberg. The ore was of the so called ”export”- type.


It was so rich in phosphorous that it was more or less impossible to sell in Sweden. The major part went to the German Ruhr district The production of iron ore at Lekomberg reached its maximum during the Second World War, when some 200 people worked at the mine. It was then the biggest employer in Ludvika.


To the right on the shore of lake Väsman on a tongue of land, you can see the farm “Storgården” where Karl-Erik Forslund lived, the author as well as homestead and folklore enthusiast who founded the Brunnsvik school for workers.