Surahammar Ironworks


Surarhammar ironworks offers a historic walking path, an art gallery as well as both works and motorcycle museums. A typical blacksmith’s dwelling can be seen in Stenhuset.


Tel: 0220- 390 00.




As early as in the 16th century, the falls in the river Kolbäcksån were used to power a tilthammer. A hundred years later, a more modern hammer was built by Axel Oxienstierna, but the works didn’t blossom properly until the 19th century, when Eric Adolf Zethelius took over and developed the production of bar iron. The new methods involved puddling furnaces, smelting hammers and rolling mills. From 1865, Surahammar’s most famous products, train wheels and shafts, began to be manufactured.


The workshop from the 1840’s was renovated in the 1950’s and turned into an ironworks museum. Much of the equipment is still in its original place, and you can follow the entire production process from pig iron to wrought train wheels. Guided tours can be arranged all year round.


During the 20th century, production continued with new products such as electro-plated steel as well as wheels for trams and later also underground trains.


A short walk from the museum you will find Stenhuset, where six blacksmiths and their families lived. One of the apartments has been turned into a museum. Stenhuset is open to the public and run by local society Konst & Hantverksgille, which organises art exhibitions and sales of local products, as well as runs a cafe. The homestead is located next to Stenhuset.


Gone today are two large red-painted two-story houses near the main street, where employees of the ironworks lived with their families. The former inn and mess hall, Gyllene hjulet remains, with murals by artist Jerk Werkmäster. Today the building houses a motorcycle museum with various treasures, such as a copy of the first mass-produced car, and a Vabis from 1903. Works engineer Gustav Eriksson, who designed the car, suggested manufacturing in Surahammar. Instead, it came to be manufactured at Vagnsfabriksbolaget Vabis in Södertälje.


Discover Surahammar’s old works area with a walk among the buildings and through the park Bruksparken. Or follow the historic walking path “Historisk vandring”, alongside the canal. The works and motorcycle museums are open to visitors. Stenhuset is an active cultural centre with art exhibitions and museum.


You can book a viewing or visit the area at your own leisure.