Finngården Skifsen

Newly built Finn farm, beautifully situated by Lake Skifsen.


Walk, swim, make coffee in the cookery cabin or experience the smoke sauna, occasionally heated throughout the summer. A 22.5-kilometre walking path starts from Säfsnäs homestead in Fredriksberg. The Skifsen day is held during the annually organised Säfsen week.


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A unique, long-term and non-profit project aims to build a Finn farm in Skifsen, the way it could have looked in the 1750’s.


The site is chosen with care. It is one of the six first settlements in Säfsen, where the forest Finns settled around 1620. Thereafter, the place was inhabited until the middle of the 1940’s, when the two remaining farms were demolished. Fir trees now cover the area, but the foundations of the buildings remain.


Buildings and houses that were typical of a Finn farm are being built next to the original site. The buildings are to some extent adapted for modern use. There is a smoke sauna, a cookery cabin with stove, a provision-shed built on posts, a barn and two further buildings – a kiln and a traditional Finnish cabin.


The farm is managed and developed by the local Skifsen’s vänner society.