Schisshyttans vandringsled

Schisshyttan marked trail through the forest passing old industrial remains.


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The Schisshyttan hiking trail is a well sign-posted path about four kilometres long. It follows the course of the Schisshytte river, where can be seen the remains of the 17th century ironworks, where the first blast furnace in the area was built, together with other relics from the period up to 1922, when the last smelting house was closed down.


Interestingly, during the latter half of the 18th century, Schisshyttan served as a science centre. Sven Rinman, known as the “Father of Swedish mining and metallurgy”, set up a laboratory and a test blast furnace here so that he could pursue his research on improving iron-industry technology. Steel manufacturing continued there until 1874; nowadays, all that is left of this early industrial age is ruins. However, many of the ruins are well worth seeing and include smelting houses, small-scale steelworks, workers’ homes, dams, and blast furnaces.


On the banks of lake Schissen is a well-preserved 18th century manor house. The house today is owned by a company which uses it as a conference facility, but hidden behind the white-painted facade of the building is the original slagbrick construction. The trail also takes you to a modern mine, Lustigkulla, where you can see the preserved steel pithead. The mine is situated in open country and there is a breathtaking view from the pithead.