Thorshammars verkstad

The Thorshammar workshop.


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Norberg +46 (0)223 291 30.
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Thorshammars Verkstads AB was registered in 1876 and is one of the oldest joint-stock companies in Sweden. The present work-shop was built in 1887. Around 1900 the work force reached a maximum of 33 people employed.


The production comprised chandeliers, ornaments, taps and various types of fittings, parts for paraffin stoves, oil-cans and grease guns, drinking-water tanks, sets of weights and lots of other articles.


The manufacturing of tin objects stopped in 1936, but the production of brass ornaments went on into the 1960s, when a spring flood ruined the casting furnace. During the last years only copper pans were taken in for repair or polishing. In 1983 the workshop was finally closed down.


The Thorshammar workshop is now a historic building and is intended to become a living working life museum with its belt transmission in the ceiling, run by the original power source, the turbine in the waterfall.