Trummelsberg Works

Iron was produced on this site for 300 years. Old works area, beautiful slag stone ruins, newly restored coal shed pillars.





In 1622, Olav Trummel started producing iron in Trummelsberg, building both smelting-house and hammer. Mining farmers were the owners of Trummelsberg until 1646, when it was bought by Ferna ironworks. The works remained in Ferna’s possession until it was closed down in 1907.


The original blast furnace at Trummelsberg closed in the 18th century. However, the hammer was in operation until 1825.


Work on the new smelting-works began in 1865. Blast and roasting furnaces, as well as several other buildings, were erected. Five years later, the operation had expanded and new buildings were added. Left today are the dwellings of both furnace master and smiths, a small cabin and the administration office, all privately owned.


In addition to iron, the area produced asparagus as well as peat, from a nearby moss. Explore the area by following the old works path or let the brochure from Fagersta tourist office guide you. There is also a barbecue and a wind shelter.