Skräppbo Cultural Reserve

Art, theatre, dance, cultural history. Old school and unique cultural centre.



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The cultural reserve makes its way through the beautiful valley of Haraldsjöån. The whole area is full of traces from the ice age. Iron was probably produced here as early as in the 15th century. There are remains from settlements, foundries, mines and charcoal stacks. Timber was floated from lake Haraldsjön to lake Lien. At the far end, by Haraldsjön, you will find the interesting 17th century cottage Backens, with a history that is traceable back to its first tenant.


The cultural reserve is also an active cultural centre where artists gather to cooperate with each other and the surrounding community. Teatermaskinen is the organisation that runs activities and manages the cultural reserve. Maskinteatern is the building that houses the theatre and Skräppbo old school.


Skräppbo school was built in 1910 for the children who lived in the nearby forest villages. The teacher, and subsequently a caretaker, lived at the school. One of the teachers was Maja Bark. Her daughter, Maj-Britt Nergård, has meant a lot to Teatermaskinen with her knowledge of Riddarhyttan’s past. The school closed in the middle of the 1930’s. In the 50’s and 60’s, the building was used for various local clubs until 1995. Teatermaskinen took over in 2005.