Site of the renowned battle of Herrevadsbro, fought in 1251. Memorial, Kolbäcksån river and the inn Kolbäcks Gästgivaregård.


Info: Kolbäckshembygdsförening.



At only eleven years of age, Valdemar Birgersson had been elected king of Sweden. In practice, this meant that his father, Birger Jarl, was given control of the country. Other candidates to the throne, The Folkungs, were thus overlooked. The Folkungs fought for the right of free men to elect the kings in Sweden. Wanting to rebel against Birger Jarl, they summoned Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Germans to gather at the battle of Herrevadsbro.


Jarl won the battle, and the rebels and many of their men were executed. The executions attracted a great deal of attention and caused huge resentment against the feared Jarl. However, after this showdown, calm prevailed in Sweden for a quarter of a century. Those who had some influence after 1251 were largely friends of Jarl. Others kept quiet or chose to leave the country.


As a consequence, Birger Jarl could have his way and thereby strengthen the royal power. More information can be found at the memorial site by the river, next to the inn.

Birger jarl kunde därefter driva igenom vad han ville och därmed stärka kungamakten. På minnesplatsen vid Kolbäcksån, intill Kolbäcks gästgiveri kan du läsa mer.


Kolbäcks gästgiveri, park