Norbergs gruvmuseum & Mossgruveparken

The Norberg mining museum and the Mossgruve park.


Opening times:
Self-guided tour in the environment. For museum information please contact the tourist office +46 (0)223-291 30.
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Slag stone shaft tower, 114 m deep shaft, Wooden pumps, Mineral exhibition


One of the richest iron ore deposits at Norberg is Mossgruvan, where the mining museum is situated today. The visitor is given an idea of how it was to work and live by a mine more than a hundred years ago. The correct name is Risbergs konstschakt and the building was raised in 1876 over a 114 metre deep mine shaft. The shaft was originally sunk in the 18th century.


A very important function of the shaft was to drain the mine. From the shaft it was possible to keep several adjoining pits free from water. The pump equipment was operated using power transmitted from a water wheel by means of a ”stånggång”, a long wooden construction.


The old pumping station has been restored. Visitors are today shown how water is pumped up from the mine. They can also look down the mine shaft.


Apart from the pumping station, a cable operated lift car to carry the miners as well as a canteen, a small foreman’s office and a forge are shown in the pit head building. Visitors can see the tools used by the smith and the old machine used to plane wood, still in working order. A visit to the mining museum may be combined with a tour of Mossgruveparken, a museum park with a signposted walk leading between the old water filled mine holes.


The Mossgruve park is a deserted mining field with deep and water filled open cast mines. Iron ore was mined here from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 1900s. A sign-posted walking-path runs through the park.